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About us

The Church of the Psychedelic Tuba was founded in 2002 in Elkhart Indiana.  It was a day like any other day coming back from a family reunion at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin   The night before we were saturated by sunset, speaking in tongues on the Indiana dunes.  A quaint bed & breakfast turned 9-foot alien depository left us in a quagmire of mental and spiritual anguish.  With no friend nor foe to be trusted, we turned to the safety of the world's largest tuba store.  The healing vibrations and Homer Simpson tuba display proved effective and meaningful healing to a pair of intrepid travelers.  The church brought into salvation a 3/4 Miraphone 4 valve concert tuba that had been through a frightful accident with a forklift truck.  Any brass technician can fix the metal but it took an untrained wide-eyed and tie-dyed hippie to nurse this horn through its traumatic past.  The bond that formed between the horn and humans was one of mutual healing and respect.  After many minutes of careful noodling, a level of trust was established and the horn released a treasure trove of sacred hermetic tuba healing knowledge and the first High Priest of the Church of the Psychedelic Tuba was anointed with valve oil.  His spit valve runneth over.


Since that day like any other day, boatloads of people have had their lives transformed by the sacred healing vibes of the psychedelic tuba.


Our technique of Chakra intensification and organ stimulation works on a vibrational level and produces significant and long-lasting results.  If fact many patients have experienced an almost contagious healing infecting everyone they meet.


This all started with one tuba.  Just think of the power of three tubas.  That is almost 3 times more powerful than one tuba.  Now take that and add 100 tubas.  A small city could be harmonized.  Our prophets have envisioned a day like any other day where there are tubas available to anyone in the world who needs vibratory healing.  For that vision, we need your help.  Please vibrate generously.

We know that breathing is important and it is, in fact, the key to everlasting life.  Now more than ever we need to really breathe. 



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