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The Church of the Psychedelic Tuba has weekly services twice a week.  Sunday Morning services are held on Saturday Night and Wednesday Evening services are held on Wednesday evening.  We also offer private services and remote tuba healings upon request.

The best weddings intregrate tuba induced harmonic infusion of wedding guests as well as the happy couple.  Start your new life perfectly tuba tuned.​

Our wedding package also include honeymoon service.  Nothing gets things going like some deep tonging, quick fingerings and blowing at just the right time.  Tuba go deep.


Sunday School

Want to learn the art of Tuba healing and help rid the world of excessive binge drinking?  Come to our Sunday morning tuba school.  We start nice and early combining education and mission outreach.  


Classes are held out side the homes of loud alcoholics who typically party like sinners until the wee hours.


Helmets and body armour provided.

Private Healings

Your home vibrates so does your cat, frying pan, computer and Greek fondue set.  Our in home total vibratory harmonizor will identify and correct the vibes on animate, inanimate, imaginary and inimaginary objects.


You can bring your house to us or we can bring our tubas to you for a complete exorcism or just a family tune up.


Our High Priests are trained to identify vibrational abnormalities, you are not so just chill OK?  

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