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The Crux of The Biscut Past Sermons

It has been a while since we have posted a sermon.  The Church goes through periods of activity and non-activity. We have been very active yet silent.  Right now the world needs the awesome healing sounds of the psychedelic tuba more than ever.  This is why we have amplified our prayers to help the afflicted.  Right now it is the minds of our human colleagues that is the concern of the adepts and that is where we are directing the frequencies. 

Every great truth began as a great blasphemy.  Every conspiracy fact was once a conspiracy theory.  When reporters use terms like "no evidence", "no proof", and "clearly misguided" pay attention.  When they add words to change the meaning, pay attention.  When they show you an image that doesn't match what they are saying, pay attention.  When they tell you the reason other people think something, pay attention. When fact-checkers take a complex situation and twist one fact to call the whole thing false,  pay attention. When you hear an anchor repeating something you know they know to be false, pay attention.  When they tell you there is no such thing as gaslighting and you must be crazy; if you haven't been paying attention you might believe them.

Open your mind and be a walking question mark.  Figuratively of course, if you look like a question mark please see a chiropractor.   Have your antennae up and be aware of those who are purposely trying to deceive you.  Use your mind to its greatest power.

So note it be

Please wash your hands and wear a mask.

Find below a brief reminder of the key points in previous week's tuba sermon.  We include the weekly intone note so you can vibrate along at home.


Early October 2013 Bb

This week our High Priest talked about the overloading of vibrations.  In a time when anything and everything is just a quantum vibrationary frequency from becoming a blob of jello how do you keep your self in a solid mass while adding additional vibrations to your environment?

While exploring the question of “What would Sousa do?” in today’s  crazed world, the minister also reflects on the changing state of matter and thick air over the past few decades.



                                                                                                        Stimulate your pineal gland


How the horn heals.   Eb    The horn heals in mysterious yet predictable and controllable ways.  Mind, Body, Spirit are simultaneously vibrated in the now.  The perfect trifecta of vibratory almighty.  


When you are feeling low, ill or otherwise disheveled you can always turn to a trusty horn to vibrate yourself to a better place.  Sometimes things may seem so bleak that a single trumpet is not enough to guide you through the darkness to tuba salvation.  This is why bands are so powerful.  The Salvation Army Band used their instruments to project their prayers in mass.  The Khan cast of musicians in India doctor themselves and nourish themselves with music.


With large gatherings of horns such as the HONK! and PRONK! festivals you have the opportunity for spontaneous healing   The audience is in-tuned and the musicians get vibrating to the highest levels.  


Some say people who have been accused of crimes are not worthy of a tuba healing.  High Tuba Priests feel those accused of crimes are in need of the peaceful healing vibes of the psychedelic tubas.  A healing request is always honored.   Everybody must get in-toned.  When the vibratory frequencies of a perp are restored to normal person levels the less likely their are to recommit the thing they did or didn't do.  Much more effective than prison or gossip to correct social ills.


When you see a person having a hard time, or suffering in anyway, play your horn and think of them in a good way.  They will appreciate the vibrations you are sending trough space and time to heal them.  Encourage them to play a tuba or just hold your tuba while you play their prescribed pitch.  


Dwell not in the past.  Enbiggen the future and do it now.




Is a psychedelic tuba on drugs?


This is a question quite often asked by neophytes when they first encounter our church.


The answer is no a psychedelic tuba is not on drugs.  Many people equate psychedelic with the flower child Haight-Ashbury San Francisco hippie scene.  In its own way that is true.  There is more to the word than that.


Coined in 1957 the term "psychedelic" is derived from the Ancient Greek words psuchē (ψυχή - psyche, "mind") and dēlōsē (δήλωση - "manifest"), translating to "mind-manifesting".


The key to manifesting your reality with the mind is vibrations.  The vibration of the tuba is essential to the metaphysical state of consciousness that allows one to achieve a state of mind manifestation.  String Theory and Quantum Physics have just recently known what the tuba adepts have known for centuries.  We are just a vibrating mind blob and everything around us is vibrating blobs.  To paraphrase the late great Freddie Mercury "Nothing's Really Matter." Those damn materialists, so called superior reality view.  It is a humiliating kick in the crotch.  There is a space between everything in the All and it vibrates.  


Vibrate daily.


Here endeth the lesson.  Now go out into the world and with a mighty breath intone your intentions of peace love and harmony with the love of the G*d of your heart, however you conceive him/her or it to be Janefondora or cosmic debris.


So note it be.


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