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Sacred Sounds of the Psychedelic Tuba

The hermetic tuba teachings bestowed upon our High Priests acknowledges that all sounds made by any tuba are potentially healing sound vibrations.  When performing a sacred tuba healing requires keeping a keen ear to the cosmos and one foot on the floor.  Each parishioner that receives vibratory healing is first scanned for vibrational abnormality or host fuzzy-wigs that may have entered their body during a time of weakness.  The High Priest then chooses the correct aural stimulation to recenter and realign the mind-body and spirit.  For some, this could be one long sustained note.  Other times the High Priest may channel music from one of the 10 dimensions for unearthly healing.  


We have gained permission to release rare recordings of part of actual tuba healing ceremonies.  The first four works were done as part of a community fellowship.  They are safe for general listening, however, if you feel anxious or if the sound is cacophonous please discontinue listening as these vibrations may not be in sync with your personal vibrations at the moment.  If you feel nauseous and want to vomit please turn up the volume grab a paper lunch sack and get well.  Be sure to drink some charged water afterward and brush your teeth.


The fifth piece was done at the request of a man who was lacking focus in his life.  Our session was 4 hours long and we made this recording so he infuses his being while in sleep mode.  It must have worked since he is now a famous photographer and an all-around fun guy.

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