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Wooden Tuba Mouthpieces

At the Church of the Psychedelic Tuba, we are all about the natural vibe.  Depending on our specific prayer work, the part of the horn that makes contact with the mouth has to be the correct element.  Metal is the most common element used in tuba healings. There is a wide variety of very good metal mouthpieces for a tuba priest to choose from as well as wood metal hybrids.

Working with Fr Dennis our Church has been developing unique handcrafted wooden mouthpieces for tubas and trumpets. Dennis is a master woodworker who had never played a brass instrument.  His work with the mouthpieces has given him an understanding of the vibrations and a love for brass music.  Now he can get a good buzz on. His knowledge of woods and finishes has to lead to a very unique wooden mouthpiece.  The sounds and feel are different from any other mouthpiece. 


So far each mouthpiece has been a unique creation.  His daughter, (some call her the woodcutter's daughter) is helping him sell them on her Etsy site.  All proceeds go directly to  Dennis's health expenses.  

Making these mouthpieces has already increased his mental and physical well being and giving him a creative outlet.  As he makes them they get posted here.

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