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Our Tuba Philosophy

The Church of the Pyschedelic Tuba supports the notion that all humans have the potential to self-actualize, self-heal and spread positive vibrations to the cosmos.  Humans of all flavors are welcome.  Our dogma is simple.  "Do what is right and vibrate."  


Only you know what is right at the moment.  Moments change and what you deem is right may change as well.  Evolve. 


You are resonsible for your own healing.  Spiritual or physical you are the only one that can heal yourself.  Doctors and our High Priests can only assist in setting your bones and vibrational frequency.  You can do it just vibrate.


You create your own reality.  

Thoughts are things and they vibrate.

We use the sacred tubas to intensify our thoughts and send the message to the universal mind. Some feel this is unfair to other forms of prayer.  Critics say we are cutting the line or overpowering traditional prayers.  To that we say yes.  exactly.  That is why The Church of the Psychedelic Tuba is not just a pathway to salvation but a super highway.


Believe whatever you like and project your thoughts to the cosmos.  Allow others believe whatever they want.  We are all on the same road and the path you choose is for your steps alone.


Breath Deeply.

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